Providing Medical Detox Since 1995


About Basin Detox

For over 24 years, Basin Detox Systems has provided medical detox for individuals struggling with chemical dependency. Our detox programs are located in acute care hospitals under the care of physicians to treat the individual's withdrawal symptoms. Our primary focus is the detox stage of recovery. Believing this is a vital part in recovery. We have been successful at this for over two decades and love helping people start a new life.

Detox can be harmful for the body to go through. So, our company helps guide individuals through this process smoothly. Basin Detox partners with Acute Care Hospitals throughout the state of Texas. This allows patients to be treated by licensed physicians, in safe and comfortable environment. Having 24/7 care helps the patient know they are under great guidance for their detox.

Patient stay from 3-7 days depending on each individual need. Our goal is for each patient to feel safe, coherent and comfortable at time of discharge. Having daily one on one doctor visits to monitor progress is a crucial part of detoxification. This way patients have the best quality of care. Nurses oversee our patients throughout the day to monitor symptoms and make sure they are making progress through detox. This level of care is ensuring patients feel the care and safety that fits their needs.

Detoxification is the first stage of recovery. If you or someone you know is abusing a substance then they will need to detox, this happens in many settings from homes, treatment facilities, to detox centers. Before an individual can start therapy or healing other needs then they need to go through detox. Basin Detox expertise allows us to start people off in a safe and caring environment. That way they get the results they desire to help their life. 


Basin Detox partnering with acute care hospitals is the premier Medicare detox for substance abuse. Our hospitals strive for quality care and strong recovery for patients. Medicare patients needing help to start recovery is specialty for our hospitals. They take great pride in the care and treatment for patients.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most major Insurances