Why Medical Detox

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Why Medical Detox

Being in an acute care hospital for medical detox allows for medications to be dispensed to treat the anxiety and sever withdrawal symptoms. While also being monitored for other medical complications that may be present. This is the first and one of the most important steps in recovery. Detoxing is the stage the body begins to heal. While also letting the individual start the process of not being chemical dependent and make decisions without the effect of substances.

Before treatment the body must go through the detox withdrawal stage. This is why we work with acute care hospitals. Believing they are the best suited to oversee detox for substance abuse. Inpatient medical detox is seen as the safest way to undergo one’s detox phase for recovery.

Substance Abuse Recovery has two main phases detoxification then treatment. Detox is the first stage this is where the body goes through the withdrawal process. Before one can go into treatment or truly get the most out of treatment they must go through detox. During treatment patients go through therapy, why you use substances and how to resist. All treatment facilities have different methods. Basin Detox takes pride in specializing in the detoxification phase, no one can go through treatment without detox. Being there at the beginning is a privilege to help all as they go through this process. 

Withdrawal Symptoms 

Going through the withdrawal symptoms can be painful physically and mentally without the right support. Our desire is to be the support for you as you walk through those symptoms. Everyone's experience is different that is why each individual has a unique protocol specialized for them.

No one person is the same and that goes with detoxing process as well. Basin Detox looks at helping each person individually, so they have the best care and detox possible. Our physicians and nurses understand this and have strong desire to help assist you along your recovery journey. Substance abuse can have multiple effects, our staff understand this and does their best to mitigate those effect. 





Loss of appetite







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