Doctors and Medical Professionals


We work excellent with doctors by helping alongside them for patients who need that extra step of a medical detox. Doctors see the individual on a regular basis, and we see our role as stepping in to give you a hand caring for this individual. Basin Detox understands that patients trust their doctors for confidential and safe care. Our goal is helping individuals go through withdrawals safely. We will detox the patient. Then allow you to discuss what is next for the patient with them. That can go in many different directions and we can help facilitate those any way possible way from inpatient, outpatient, counseling whatever you and your patient decide. Whether a patient is struggling with alcohol, prescriptions or street drugs we can provide a safe detox for them. 

What our customers are saying

  • We make sure patients are medically stable upon discharge
  • We do not alter any current medication
  • We recommend follow upon discharge with Primary Physician.
  • We can help oversee a current medical condition outside of Detoxification.
  • We have success helping patients dealing with Pain Management
    • If a patient needs detox to be accepted
    • If a patient relapsed, then needs detox to be back on medication