Intake Process

Any questions regarding detox, the first step is to call and speak with an admission coordinator. Basin Detox will access the individuals needs and begin an intake to help determine how to best serve the patients’ needs we understands time restraints, so Basin Detox does the process over the phone making this process quick and easy.

Once patients are approved, we can help with transportation to and from facility.

Admission Process

Patients are admitted into a hospital and go through the process for that. They are checked by nurses and a doctor as all other patients. This way the patient receives optimal care as soon as they arrive.

With Basin Detox partnering with acute care hospitals for detoxification. The hospital staff’s goal is for the best quality care for you. Not only will they assist in the detox but also any other health issue that a patient may currently be going through or could possible experience. Having this separates our staff from the rest. Top level of care along with resource to assist our patients. Treating the withdrawal symptoms first.

Continuing Care

Upon completions from Basin Detox, we encourage each individual to continue their recovery by going to an out-patient or a long-term program. Basin Detox works with multiple facilities. We will help make these arrangements if the patient seeks assistance.

Focusing on the Detox Phase of recovery is only the beginning. Basin Detox realize continually care is vital to stay sober. We help place patient’s in long-term treatment facilities, out-patient, AA or therapy for when they are through. Assessing the patient for what best suits their needs. Helping individuals throughout Texas we also work alongside other professionals to help with this care afterwards.