Intake Process

Call to speak with an intake coordinator. The intake coordinator will do an intake over the phone. . We make this quick and easy for the individual and family thinking of everyone's time and needs. 

Admission Process

Patients are admitted into a hospital and go through the process for that. They are checked by nurses and a doctor as all other patients. This way the patient receives optimal care as soon as they arrive. They will go through the following...

Lab Work

Chest X- Ray


Clinical Screening

History Profile

Tuberculosis Testing

These test and screenings the patient receives is for the care they need along with the detox. 

This is confidential and safe for the patient. 

Continuing Care

Upon completions from Basin Detox, we encourage each individual to continue their recovery by going out-patient or to a long term program. Basin Detox works with multiple facilities. We will help make these arrangements if the patient seeks assistance.