Psychologist and Counselor

We work excellent with psychologist and/or counselors because we specialize in the medical side of detoxification. We first help the individual get better physically, so then the patients can focus on their mental health side. When a psychologist and/or counselor refer a patient to Basin Detox, we will treat the patient through detox. Once the patient is discharged, we work with you to schedule a follow up appointment. Counselor’s you know these patients better than we do and do not want to get in the way of that relationship. We thank you for allowing Basin Detox to help.

BDSI focuses on the medical state and this allows you to continue progress without interruption on the mental health side.

• We fully support the mental and spiritual side of Recovery.

• We make sure the patient is stable medically and through withdrawals.

• We do not change medications or prescribe medication.

• We recommend following up upon discharge with Psychiatrist and/or Councilor